11 Things to Make The Most of Your College Years

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College is an experience like no other. It’s a time to explore new ideas, meet new people, and have some fun! But it goes by so fast that students often miss out on the best parts of college life – or they don’t know how to make the most of them. So here are eleven things you should not miss out on during your years in school:

Study abroad

It is important to do something different from your everyday life. Your college years are a time to explore new ideas and meet new people. You should not miss out on these opportunities! One way you can do this is by studying abroad.

study in another country

Make friends with your professors

Professors are a great resource for help outside of class hours! If you have any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to go to them for help. They can give you advice on academics, careers, and more. They can also be a great source of information about what’s going on on campus and in the world.

Get involved with student organizations.

It is important to get involved with student organizations. Not only do they provide you with a community outside of your dorm room, but they also give you valuable leadership and teamwork skills. If you have an idea for a student organization, it’s worth reaching out to the school’s administration to get the necessary paperwork so every can have a fulfilling undergraduate experience.

Go on a road trip.

A road trip is a great way to explore the UK. You and your friends can go anywhere and stop when you want and pick up sandwiches at mom and pop shops for lunch. You will never forget these memories, and your friends will always be there with you. It’s important not to miss out on all of these opportunities

Join a club!

Joining a club is a great way to have fun and meet new people. It will give you a chance to do something different from studying or going out with your friends. There are so many clubs on campus that you are bound to find one that suits your interests! This is the perfect opportunity for you to explore new things, make friends, and have some fun.

Go eat at the dining hall

Eating in the dining hall will give you an opportunity to try new foods each day. You can be adventurous and try something different every time you go or find your favorite dishes (or breakfast items!) You’ll also get to watch what it looks like behind closed doors, which might be very interesting!

Give back to your community in some way.

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. It can also be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. There are many different types of volunteer opportunities, so you’re sure to find one that interests you. You can also volunteer abroad, which is a great way to explore a new culture and help those in need.

Take a sabbatical from social media.

It is important to take a break from time to time. You can’t always be on social media or go out with friends. Take some time for yourself. Relax, read a book, take a walk outside. You’ll come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world!

take time for yourself

Study hard, but also enjoy yourself.

It is important to balance your time between studying and enjoying yourself. You don’t want to spend all your time in the library and miss out on all the fun things college has to offer. Find a healthy balance between the two and you’ll be able to succeed both academically and socially.

Sleep in when you can.

It is important for students to get enough sleep. It’s important for various aspects of your life- like your academics, social life, and physical health. Sleep is also important because it provides you with time to recharge and makes you more productive during the day.

Give yourself some time to be by yourself.

It’s important to take some time for yourself. You don’t want to spend all your time with friends or studying. Find a healthy balance between the two and you’ll be able to succeed in both your academics and social life.


Find a Study Buddy: What to Look For

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Choosing a study buddy can be tough. You want someone who is reliable, yet challenging enough to keep you on your toes. In this blog post, we will discuss what to look for in a study buddy and how to choose the right one for you!

Find a study buddy

When looking for a study buddy, it is important to find someone who is reliable. This means that they will be available when you need them and they will not cancel on you last minute. It is also important to find someone who is challenging enough to keep you on your toes. This means that they will push you to work harder and achieve your goals.

Find a Study Buddy: What to Look For

What to look for in a study buddy

One of the most important facets in deciding who to be your study buddy is to find someone who has the same goals as you do. This means that if you are trying to improve your math scores, you want someone who is also trying to improve their math scores. You will have more in common with this person and it will make working together easier.

How to choose the right one for you!

If you want to find a study buddy, look for someone who is available when you need them. They should also be able to stay focused on what you are talking about and not seem distracted until the conversation has ended. After you have decided on these two things, it is time to think about your goals.

Do you have the same goals as your potential study buddy? If so, then they are likely a good match for being your study buddy. Now is the time to have them commit to being your study buddy for an extended amount of time. They should also be willing to help motivate one another in achieving their goals in order for them both to benefit from the partnership.

Where to find a study buddy?

If you are having trouble finding a study buddy, don’t worry! There are plenty of places to find one. You can provide your services or ask around at school if anyone is interested in being your study partner. If it happens that you cannot find someone this way, try looking online via forums and chat rooms on sites like Reddit where other students might be looking for a study partner.

These are just some of the things to look for when choosing someone to work with as your study buddy. What do you look for in a potential study buddy? Let us know in the comments below!


Gap Year: Taking A Year Off After College

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A gap year is literally a year of doing nothing. At least, you will not burden yourself with getting a job. It is a blissful time for you as you delay going from one life stage to another. Most of the time, this happens after someone graduates from school. If you just graduated from high school, you take a year off before you head off to college. And if you just graduated from college, you will take a year off before you start looking for a job.

Taking a year off before you go on to the next stage in your life seems like a good idea. However, there are pros and cons that you need to consider before you plunge into it.

Benefits of taking a gap year

The most obvious reason to take a gap year is to rest and relax. Going through all the hardships of passing your subjects and courses will leave you tired and stressed. You deserve a break. And one year is not really a long time.

Of course, you need to go about this for the right reasons – and that involves knowing the benefits of going on a year-long break. Apart from resting, there are other benefits to this.

First of all, you get to figure out what you want. That means you can consider the job opportunities that you have. Even if you just graduated from college, there are so many job opportunities for you to pursue. Taking a break will help you ponder on your option without the pressure of applying for a job.

Another benefit is getting to know yourself better. Most people travel during their gap year. This opens their eyes to new scenarios and opportunities. They are placed in a better situation to get to know themselves better. Meeting new people can also be an advantage. When you travel, you get to see possibilities beyond the community that you usually associate with. Who knows? You might be better off working overseas.

Taking this year-long break will also give you time to hone your knowledge, skills, and experience. In the end, that can be a great addition to your job resume.

Signs a gap year is not for you

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages to taking a gap year.

One of them is wasting your time. Sometimes, the break will not really bring anything good. But this can be avoided if you make sure that you are taking this year off with a purpose.

Another disadvantage is the expenses. Postponing the job hunting task means you will not have an income for a year – only expenses. Unless you have huge savings, you need to make sure you know where to get the money to survive for a year.

Yet another thing to consider is the risk. You might find it harder to find a job if you take one year after graduating before applying. Some employers might look at your experiences during the past year as a good thing – but others might view it as the opposite. Make sure you are not passing up opportunities as you take the gap year that you feel you need to go through.

More TV show addiction

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I can gladly say that the exams went well during my last TV show addictions period. Seems I have been hit now by another period of addiction though. Its the Narcos series on Netflix that has caught all my attention now. I only have one episode left at the moment, it´s been a marathon watching session going on at my place last two days.

The value of real storys

One thing that ads so much to this series is the real factor. How it has happened, how Pablo Escobar is a real person that actually have done these things. I think about it so many times during each episode and yes that does make everything so much more amazing. What a person he was, what a mad man, but he sure was good on what he was doing.

Its always hard to know what to feel when someone is so cruel but you still get impressed about how determined and focused they are about getting things done. I cant help it but im honestly wanting Pablo Escobar to win in this TV series. Of course I know he will not in the end but yes its sort of him I cheer for even though his doing all these bad things.

So for anyone that want something intense and crazy and a bit of history at the same time. Then I cant think of another Show that would be better then Narcos. Its totally amazing so give it a try. You will know after one episode if you love it or not, its rock n roll straight away when it starts and you will know already then if you like it.

Here is a link to the Narcos trailer for anyone that wanna see a teaser.

New favorite tv show

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Houston we have a problem. It seems I cant focus on my studying at the moment as im totally obsessed with the new TV show Fear of the walking dead. I have always been a big fan of the walking dead from the start. But when I heard about this new TV show from AMC I was very skeptical. I imagined it would be some cheap TV serie where they had some B actors that was gonna just capitalize on the walking dead brand.

FearoftheawalkingdeadHowever I was proven so wrong. This new zombie show is actually even better then the original. Its all so intense when its about people living a normal life and then all hell starts to break loose. Its something we never got to see in the walking dead, just hear them talk about. Maybe one of the reasons we do like it is because it has been built up for us by watching the walking dead. We have thought about it so much how it was before it went bed. Well now we get to see it and I sure love it.

The only bad thing I have to say about the fear of the walking dead is that it might make me fail the next exam. I should be studying but my mind is all about zombies right now. Sure hope I can finnish it all soon and pull of the exams as well.

Thank you AMC for that new tv serie…


A trip to Barcelona

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So i finally managed to save up some money for another little holiday. This time I went to Barcelona and I have to say that I loved it. Its one of those cities i really could imagine myself living a happy life in. Just that feeling when you walk down the street and you are happy, that’s what I felt. What could be more important then that, the gut instinct happiness?

Big sidewalks

I love walking wherever I go. Of course if the distance is to far I prefer a taxi or subway like anyone else. In Barcelona the whether was amazing almost everyday I was there and I loved it so much to walk around in that city. The sidewalks are huge, so there is no bumping in to people. You can simple walk around and look at the beautiful architecture of the city and and all the other fun things.

The Harbor/Beach

Im a really big fan of a city that has water in it. This is something I really liked when I visited Stockholm in Sweden. Barcelona is a bit different though since the water is not in the city, but at the outskirts of the city. There are two types of water areas, when is the harbor and then there is the beach. What more could a girl ask for.

I spent a few days at the harbor and one day at the beach. Its so perfect to go there and grab a ice cream and just  sit and breath the fresh air and look at people.

Great Concerts

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Beer and popcorn to concerts

Beer and popcorn to concerts

One thing we are a bit blessed with here in the UK is good concerts. Its easy to forget that all countries are not as lucky as we are. If you are a big and famous artist you basicly have to come and play in the UK atleast once a year. Even smaller artists that try to have a break are usually coming here to make it big.

This form of entertainment is so relaxing and also fun and I think everybody should enjoy it from time to time. I have seen many great concerts here in London. I have a very wide taste of music so my toplist for which ones that I have liked the most will probably look a bit fun for many people.

My toplist

  1. Backstreet Boys
  2. Swedish House Mafia
  3. Bon Jovi

The backstreet boys concert has always been a strong memory for me since they can both sing and dance. I have actually seen them perform in Asia as well. During one trip when I was studying on exchange in Bangkok I had the chance to see them live there. The best concert was however in London and the UK. Then I went with all my best friends and it was just a perfect night and perfect entertainment.

The second place on my list which is a house group does not exist anymore. Their music will however go on and live forever so I really hope you will check them out if you haven’t already. Hopefully they will get back together as a group someday and we can all enjoy some of their great music once again.

On third place I have put Bon Jovi. His a bit old now but when I was very young I got the chance to see him live and he had so much passion and energy that I became a fan very quickly.

It would be great to get to see all these artist again maybe at the O2 arena in London since that would make it very big and powerful. Why not have them all three there for one night to make it really exciting.


3 things that Students should learn

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Student Beverage

Student Beverage

Imagine for awhile that you went four years in college. Just learning how the in-and-outs of your future profession will work. That wouldn’t be much fun, right?

Being a student is much more then just to know how to run a large organization or what Shakespeare thought about Hamlet. The student time is a time when you go from a teenager to an adult. It’s a time to test new things and to experience what life is all about.

It might be the time when you live by yourself for the first time. That’s a huge step for many young people. Handling a very own budget, paying bills and be responsible for no one but yourself. I think there are some things that a student should learn.

1) Being able to socialize with people. This is a huge factor when it comes to being more self reliant. There is no more mum or dad who will introduce you to new people. In adulthood meeting new people and understand their perspective is a huge thing. If you can’t get along with people this will be a career breaker. First thing you need to do to get a job is to get to an job interview most likely. Would be awkward if you couldn’t get along with the persons who interviews you, right? And don’t forget. That during this time, it might be the time that you meet that someone special. So go out and socialize and try your luck.

2) Running a household. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a maid or a butler, then it’s up to you everyday to clean your bed, wash your clothes and to make dinner everyday. Well you might not need to make your bed and wash your clothes everyday. But you have to eat and make your own food everyday if you don’t want a whole in your wallet. Running a household might seem daunting, but in the end it’s a great way to feel better about yourself.

3. Getting better disciplined. No matter if it comes to studies or keeping an budget, it’s very important that you become more disciplined. At the end of the day, you are holding yourself responsible if anything happens. Sure, mum and dad might come to the rescue once or twice, but the will probably give up if you screw up to much.


US system VS the UK system

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USA is a really strong example of a country where sport is considered as very important even when you study. If you are good at sport there you can even get into a University and have everything paid for you. That’s something that’s very different from most countries in the world.

The US system has both upsides and downsides. One of the big downsides is that the people that are in school and also do the sports are usually not doing so well in school. All their focus goes to being good in for example American football. It’s great that they want to be good in their sport but it’s not good if it makes them worse students. Many of these players therefore end up as failures after their school years are over. They might up working just a register at Wall Mart even though they had four years of University Studies.

Then the aspect of American football is always argued a lot lately to be dangerous for players brains. This of course is pretty crazy since you do go to University and Collage to get smarter and better. If you then end up with brain damage it’s pretty much the opposite effect of what school should be.

What system is best?

What system is best?

There have actually been lots of studies last few year that showed that they damages can come many years after the years that players where active as players. There is even some court cases at the moment that involve 100 of millions of dollars that the schools are sued for.

I think that most likely the former players that are making these lawsuits will not win. Even though they of course have some kind of point with all this. If they went to a school and got paid to go there because of their football skills then the University should be somewhat responsible for what happened to them.



Chess, good or bad for students?

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Could chess make you sleepy?

Could chess make you sleepy?

The sport that made me and my friends argue the most was Chess. The first thing we argued about here was if Chess is even a sport. Let’s pretend that it is and then we can discuss if its optimal for students to have it as their hobby sport.

My opinion was very much the opposite of my friends. I do NOT thing Chess would be a good sport if you are a student. I do agree with the fact that its cheap of course and its easy to get started. You can do it in your room or over internet and basically find people to play with anywhere anytime since its possible to do it online.

My biggest argument however for chess as not a good sport for students is the brain power and focus that it demands. I think that a student should be able to relax and do something that’s just physical instead of keep using their brain. After reading in books all day and trying to remember things I don’t think it’s going to be very optimal to sit down and push your brain further. This will just make you more tired and in worst case forget some of the stuff that you managed to learn during the day. Of course people are all different and I understand that it would work for some people.

Another thing that I don’t like about chess as a sport is the physical aspect. Now you think what physical aspect? Well that’s just my point, there is no physical aspect in it. When you have been studying in school or at home all day I think it would be very important for anyone to get some physical training. Just get that hear rate pumping and get a better cardio and physical status. Then you will probably be able to study better as well.

There are so many studies showing you need physical fitness to stay sharp mentally. You don’t need to be a Olympic athlete but you should be able to have some stamina and power to stay sharp in your head as well. One thing is for sure, it won’t hurt at least.