More TV show addiction

Posted by admin on February 11, 2016
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I can gladly say that the exams went well during my last TV show addictions period. Seems I have been hit now by another period of addiction though. Its the Narcos series on Netflix that has caught all my attention now. I only have one episode left at the moment, it´s been a marathon watching session going on at my place last two days.

The value of real storys

One thing that ads so much to this series is the real factor. How it has happened, how Pablo Escobar is a real person that actually have done these things. I think about it so many times during each episode and yes that does make everything so much more amazing. What a person he was, what a mad man, but he sure was good on what he was doing.

Its always hard to know what to feel when someone is so cruel but you still get impressed about how determined and focused they are about getting things done. I cant help it but im honestly wanting Pablo Escobar to win in this TV series. Of course I know he will not in the end but yes its sort of him I cheer for even though his doing all these bad things.

So for anyone that want something intense and crazy and a bit of history at the same time. Then I cant think of another Show that would be better then Narcos. Its totally amazing so give it a try. You will know after one episode if you love it or not, its rock n roll straight away when it starts and you will know already then if you like it.

Here is a link to the Narcos trailer for anyone that wanna see a teaser.

New favorite tv show

Posted by admin on December 22, 2015
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Houston we have a problem. It seems I cant focus on my studying at the moment as im totally obsessed with the new TV show Fear of the walking dead. I have always been a big fan of the walking dead from the start. But when I heard about this new TV show from AMC I was very skeptical. I imagined it would be some cheap TV serie where they had some B actors that was gonna just capitalize on the walking dead brand.

FearoftheawalkingdeadHowever I was proven so wrong. This new zombie show is actually even better then the original. Its all so intense when its about people living a normal life and then all hell starts to break loose. Its something we never got to see in the walking dead, just hear them talk about. Maybe one of the reasons we do like it is because it has been built up for us by watching the walking dead. We have thought about it so much how it was before it went bed. Well now we get to see it and I sure love it.

The only bad thing I have to say about the fear of the walking dead is that it might make me fail the next exam. I should be studying but my mind is all about zombies right now. Sure hope I can finnish it all soon and pull of the exams as well.

Thank you AMC for that new tv serie…


Great Concerts

Posted by admin on June 15, 2015
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Beer and popcorn to concerts

Beer and popcorn to concerts

One thing we are a bit blessed with here in the UK is good concerts. Its easy to forget that all countries are not as lucky as we are. If you are a big and famous artist you basicly have to come and play in the UK atleast once a year. Even smaller artists that try to have a break are usually coming here to make it big.

This form of entertainment is so relaxing and also fun and I think everybody should enjoy it from time to time. I have seen many great concerts here in London. I have a very wide taste of music so my toplist for which ones that I have liked the most will probably look a bit fun for many people.

My toplist

  1. Backstreet Boys
  2. Swedish House Mafia
  3. Bon Jovi

The backstreet boys concert has always been a strong memory for me since they can both sing and dance. I have actually seen them perform in Asia as well. During one trip when I was studying on exchange in Bangkok I had the chance to see them live there. The best concert was however in London and the UK. Then I went with all my best friends and it was just a perfect night and perfect entertainment.

The second place on my list which is a house group does not exist anymore. Their music will however go on and live forever so I really hope you will check them out if you haven’t already. Hopefully they will get back together as a group someday and we can all enjoy some of their great music once again.

On third place I have put Bon Jovi. His a bit old now but when I was very young I got the chance to see him live and he had so much passion and energy that I became a fan very quickly.

It would be great to get to see all these artist again maybe at the O2 arena in London since that would make it very big and powerful. Why not have them all three there for one night to make it really exciting.


Interesting movies

Posted by admin on January 04, 2015
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A common feature in movies

A common feature in movies

This is my list of the top 5 movies that I have ever seen. It’s pretty hard to make a list like this since almost always there is going to be that 6th movie that you want to squeeze in on the list as well. After a lot of thinking however this is my list.

  1. Dead Poets Society
  2. The Shawshank redemption
  3. Inception
  4. Titanic
  5. Facebook

The number one spot goes to Dead Poets Society. Maybe I am a bit emotional right now when im making this choice. What I’m referring to is the death of Robin Williams. It’s no matter what a great movie and I found it very inspiring the first time that I saw it. I think it has made many people read their first book because he somehow made it charming and exciting to read and write in that movie.

The movie has a great balance between darkness and happiness and I think that’s something Robin Williams is a expert at delivering. It’s the same as he did in the movie Will Hunting for example where there was so much happy moments and also sad moments.

The second place movie on my list is The Shawshank redemption. This movie is really about having hope and staying strong. I have probably seen this movie almost 10 times but its still so beautiful so even though I know how it will end it’s a great movie. It has a big twist in the end which I don’t want to spoil for anyone that has not seen the movie.

The reason that I put Inception on the third place is because it really is a mind blowing movie. It makes your head spin when you watch it and you have to be a bit sharp when you watch it. If you look away and miss bits and parts it will just get very confusing in the end.  However with Leonardo Di Caprio in the lead roll you will not lose focus when you watch this movie. Its always very amazing and drags you deeper and deeper into the story.


Visit the casino

Posted by admin on September 19, 2014
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Playing slots is like eating candy

Playing slots is like eating candy

Another great thing to get some pulse and Entertainment in your life is to do some good old classic gambling. Just make sure you don’t play for more than you can afford to lose when you do this and you should be okay. Hopefully you can even walk away with a small or why not a big win.

We have a lot of casino´s here in the UK and while playing at them you should be able to find some excitement and relaxation. Besides the land based casinos here are also many places online when you can play as well. Some sites will gather information about many different casino´s and you can then just compare then easily while you navigate around on a site like that. One example of a page like that is this free spins page. Players can look a different bonus offers and then pick what they think sound like the most fun. This option lets you play directly from your home which I think can be very nice considering the wheatear is not always the best here in London.

Walking out the door and getting to a place that offers some fun casino games is not so exciting when it’s snowing or raining or maybe even both. However it remains to be said that you will probably get a different and more fun experience when you are in the real casino. Just the atmosphere and people are very nice to be around. Of course it can be some days when the people are not nice and the atmosphere is not the best but it’s still something that usually has a good vibe.

The slot machines are a great way to play and feel assured that you won’t lose too fast. They usually have a high payout percentage so you can usually stand there and grind them for many hours even if you are not putting in that much money. Just try to pick a machine that has a decent jackpot bonus so there is always a chance of having a life changing win. That makes it much more exciting.

Video/Computer Games

Posted by admin on September 09, 2014
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Video games for students

Video games for students

A great form of Entertainment for us students is in my opinion video and computer games. This is because it’s something that keeps us away from spending money. We can just buy a game for £30 and then hopefully enjoy it for 6 months or so.

You will not spend any money while you play it and of course when you are at home playing a game it’s hard to spend money in General.

If we compare it to hanging out downtown with some friends then usually your cash will start to flow away in all kinds of directions. You decide to take a coffee and then maybe you get some snacks with that. You go to the cinema and might end up buying even more snacks and things.

The downside however with computer games as your entertainment is that you can get a bit lonely. Its not good if you sit at home every weekend alone and just play. This will of course affect your social skills in the end.

A great way to get around this problem is to play the games with your friends. This will make it more social and hopefully more fun as well. When I say play with your friends I mean that you should play in the same room. Not just online in the same game in different locations.

When you play in the same room on the couch for example you can argue about some school problems at the same time as you play and hopefully find some good inspiring things to talk about. Sometimes the best solutions to problems pop up in the head when we are actually not trying to solve them and I think entertainment like video games are a perfect way to bring those ideas out.