US system VS the UK system

Posted by admin on May 12, 2015
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USA is a really strong example of a country where sport is considered as very important even when you study. If you are good at sport there you can even get into a University and have everything paid for you. That’s something that’s very different from most countries in the world.

The US system has both upsides and downsides. One of the big downsides is that the people that are in school and also do the sports are usually not doing so well in school. All their focus goes to being good in for example American football. It’s great that they want to be good in their sport but it’s not good if it makes them worse students. Many of these players therefore end up as failures after their school years are over. They might up working just a register at Wall Mart even though they had four years of University Studies.

Then the aspect of American football is always argued a lot lately to be dangerous for players brains. This of course is pretty crazy since you do go to University and Collage to get smarter and better. If you then end up with brain damage it’s pretty much the opposite effect of what school should be.

What system is best?

What system is best?

There have actually been lots of studies last few year that showed that they damages can come many years after the years that players where active as players. There is even some court cases at the moment that involve 100 of millions of dollars that the schools are sued for.

I think that most likely the former players that are making these lawsuits will not win. Even though they of course have some kind of point with all this. If they went to a school and got paid to go there because of their football skills then the University should be somewhat responsible for what happened to them.



Chess, good or bad for students?

Posted by admin on April 09, 2015
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Could chess make you sleepy?

Could chess make you sleepy?

The sport that made me and my friends argue the most was Chess. The first thing we argued about here was if Chess is even a sport. Let’s pretend that it is and then we can discuss if its optimal for students to have it as their hobby sport.

My opinion was very much the opposite of my friends. I do NOT thing Chess would be a good sport if you are a student. I do agree with the fact that its cheap of course and its easy to get started. You can do it in your room or over internet and basically find people to play with anywhere anytime since its possible to do it online.

My biggest argument however for chess as not a good sport for students is the brain power and focus that it demands. I think that a student should be able to relax and do something that’s just physical instead of keep using their brain. After reading in books all day and trying to remember things I don’t think it’s going to be very optimal to sit down and push your brain further. This will just make you more tired and in worst case forget some of the stuff that you managed to learn during the day. Of course people are all different and I understand that it would work for some people.

Another thing that I don’t like about chess as a sport is the physical aspect. Now you think what physical aspect? Well that’s just my point, there is no physical aspect in it. When you have been studying in school or at home all day I think it would be very important for anyone to get some physical training. Just get that hear rate pumping and get a better cardio and physical status. Then you will probably be able to study better as well.

There are so many studies showing you need physical fitness to stay sharp mentally. You don’t need to be a Olympic athlete but you should be able to have some stamina and power to stay sharp in your head as well. One thing is for sure, it won’t hurt at least.

The best sport for students

Posted by admin on December 11, 2014
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I had a discussion with some friends recently about what the best sport is for students. The opinions were all very different so we did not come to any conclusion but it was still a very interesting discussion.

There are many factors to way in when trying to pic the optimal sport for students. One big factor is money. In most cases students have a tight budget during their years at University. This is not the case for everybody but definitely for most people. Therefore I think this should be a big factor. A sport like hockey is therefore not very optimal if you are a poor student since the hockey gear is very expensive.

There are however many examples of sports that are cheap so there is no reason for us to feel sad. A sport like swimming for example does not require much equipment at all. The biggest fee would probably be the membership at the Swimming place.

Badminton is another type of sport which is easy to get going with. Much easier then Tennis for example since almost everybody can get the badminton ball over the net right from the start. It’s also not that expensive. All you need is a racket and some decent shoes to play. It trains mostly your cardio but of course some muscles will get fit as well. Especially the arm you hit with and your legs should get in good shape quickly.

Running is another example of something that we are good at here in UK and also it’s not expensive. Once again you will need some good shoes but then it’s not that much more after that. Maybe a gym membership also if you want to build some muscles as well while you train your speed.


Can hockey get big in UK?

Posted by admin on September 09, 2014
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Maybe everybody doesn’t know it, but there is actually professional hockey players in England. They are of course not earning the big money as people do in NHL, KHL or even the Swedish League but its enough to be a full time job.

The UK hockey league is considered to be pretty tuff and wild. Especially the second division is very rough and border line brutal sometimes. Good entertainment value but of course It might not be the best place for players to develop into better scorers. If I would imagine any UK players making it to NHL one day I think it would be a brawler and not a scorer. It would still be very interesting of course and if it happens one day I’m not going to be said just because it’s not a person that’s headlining each game.

Some players actually come from the Scandinavian countries to play here in the UK league. Its usually players that can’t make it into for example the Swedish top league or maybe the Norwegian top league. They then prefer going abroad and playing since money is fairly equal and they get another type of experience. These players are usually not still dreaming or having a chance to make it to the really big leagues but they still add class and charm to our UK hockey league.

In all honesty I don’t think we ever will have a very strong league here in the UK. It’s so many other European Countries that are ahead of us by so much so it would be really hard. There are also so many other sports that are more popular in the UK so the big talents will usually always pic a sport where the fame and money is greater, like soccer for example.