Gap Year: Taking A Year Off After College

Posted by webmaster on April 12, 2018
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A gap year is literally a year of doing nothing. At least, you will not burden yourself with getting a job. It is a blissful time for you as you delay going from one life stage to another. Most of the time, this happens after someone graduates from school. If you just graduated from high school, you take a year off before you head off to college. And if you just graduated from college, you will take a year off before you start looking for a job.

Taking a year off before you go on to the next stage in your life seems like a good idea. However, there are pros and cons that you need to consider before you plunge into it.

Benefits of taking a gap year

The most obvious reason to take a gap year is to rest and relax. Going through all the hardships of passing your subjects and courses will leave you tired and stressed. You deserve a break. And one year is not really a long time.

Of course, you need to go about this for the right reasons – and that involves knowing the benefits of going on a year-long break. Apart from resting, there are other benefits to this.

First of all, you get to figure out what you want. That means you can consider the job opportunities that you have. Even if you just graduated from college, there are so many job opportunities for you to pursue. Taking a break will help you ponder on your option without the pressure of applying for a job.

Another benefit is getting to know yourself better. Most people travel during their gap year. This opens their eyes to new scenarios and opportunities. They are placed in a better situation to get to know themselves better. Meeting new people can also be an advantage. When you travel, you get to see possibilities beyond the community that you usually associate with. Who knows? You might be better off working overseas.

Taking this year-long break will also give you time to hone your knowledge, skills, and experience. In the end, that can be a great addition to your job resume.

Signs a gap year is not for you

If there are advantages, there are also disadvantages to taking a gap year.

One of them is wasting your time. Sometimes, the break will not really bring anything good. But this can be avoided if you make sure that you are taking this year off with a purpose.

Another disadvantage is the expenses. Postponing the job hunting task means you will not have an income for a year – only expenses. Unless you have huge savings, you need to make sure you know where to get the money to survive for a year.

Yet another thing to consider is the risk. You might find it harder to find a job if you take one year after graduating before applying. Some employers might look at your experiences during the past year as a good thing – but others might view it as the opposite. Make sure you are not passing up opportunities as you take the gap year that you feel you need to go through.

A trip to Barcelona

Posted by admin on October 31, 2015
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So i finally managed to save up some money for another little holiday. This time I went to Barcelona and I have to say that I loved it. Its one of those cities i really could imagine myself living a happy life in. Just that feeling when you walk down the street and you are happy, that’s what I felt. What could be more important then that, the gut instinct happiness?

Big sidewalks

I love walking wherever I go. Of course if the distance is to far I prefer a taxi or subway like anyone else. In Barcelona the whether was amazing almost everyday I was there and I loved it so much to walk around in that city. The sidewalks are huge, so there is no bumping in to people. You can simple walk around and look at the beautiful architecture of the city and and all the other fun things.

The Harbor/Beach

Im a really big fan of a city that has water in it. This is something I really liked when I visited Stockholm in Sweden. Barcelona is a bit different though since the water is not in the city, but at the outskirts of the city. There are two types of water areas, when is the harbor and then there is the beach. What more could a girl ask for.

I spent a few days at the harbor and one day at the beach. Its so perfect to go there and grab a ice cream and just  sit and breath the fresh air and look at people.

Going backpacking in Thailand

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Thailand is so amazing that I can’t really explain it in this brief article about backpacking in Thailand. This country is truly amazing. The thai food is out of this world, the people are friendly and the weather and country is beyond words.

Imagine walking on a white sand beach, with a coconut drink in your hands and enjoying a postcard view. And the next day going out clubbing in a big city like Bangkok with extravagant clubs and food that makes you cry. Literally.

If you’re planning to travel to Thailand for a week or two, it’s not really enough. But it could be done.

Start by going to the beautiful island in the south west of Thailand and start working your way up to the east coast. Then jump on to a plane/bus/train to the north of Thailand in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai to enjoy beautiful mountains and jungle life.Then for the last two, three days stay in Bangkok and shop like your life depended on it. Also enjoy the restaurants and clubs that you won’t find back in London.

Don’t bring to much clothes in your backpack. Most stuff you can buy new in Thailand. But it could always be good to take with you some underwears, bathing clothes and one or two t-shirts to get started.

You can’t drink the water from the tap in Thailand, but you will most likely find a 7-eleven or grocery very close by to indulge you with your favorite beverages. The same things go with food. There are so many restaurants nowadays in Thailand that you would never need to get hungry for just a penny or two.

There is budget living and there is luxury living. All depending on your travel budget to Thailand. But most things are pretty cheap in Thailand. But when I’m in Thailand I like to really live it up a little. Going out to five star sushi restaurants and living in five star hotels are not much more than staying in a moderate hotel and diner in London.


Traveling on a student budget

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20140809_183728If you’re like me. A student with a tight student budget, travelling might seem like a dream. But I have a strong belief that it’s important to get around in the world a little.

Especially if you’re in your twenties something. Before you know it you have kids, a mortgage and a work (hopefully) to go to. And then it will much more difficult and (more expensive) to travel around the globe.

Also during the student period, it’s a time to meet new people, experience other cultures and see what the world has to offer. Partying is much more fun when you have the stamina to do it and e.g. hiking, windsurfing, trekking etc requires some health requirements that you might not have in 10 or 20 years. Carpe diem!

But how do you go about to travel around with a small budget you might ask? Well. There is a couple of things that you can do.

1) Research. Do a lot of research before you go. Airplane tickets, Hostels, where to eat, etc. If you do your research before going out in the world. There is much better chances that you can hold on to your budget and keep your expenses down. But down let the research part let you down. Think of it like a part of travel.

2) Use online services. There are plenty of online services that let you compare prices and even let you sleep on some other persons sofa in an another city. So there is so much things that can keep your student budget. If you don’t belive me. Google it!

3) Travel with friend/friends. Well it’s like sharing an apartment with someone. But you’re doing it abroad. You can share cost for food and living when traveling when you stick together with someone. And that’s a much safer thing to do then travel alone. This tip for “traveling on a student budget” should be number one, when I think about it.

4) Change your currency before leaving. Before you travel to your destination(s), it would be better to change the currency beforehand. So that you would need to pay extra currency fees and/or trade your hard earned money for less value then it would be at home.


Why visit Sweden

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Sweden and Scandinavia is a magical place. I have spend several weeks here both in summer and during winter. And i must say that if there is one place close to England to visit, it must be Sweden.

Just 2 hours flight from Heathrow to Stockholm. Beautiful people and nature that takes your breath away.

From the people that gave you IKEA, ABBA, Swedish meatballs and Survivor, Sweden has become the favorite place to visit to enjoy relaxing nature and city nightlife.

Stockholm is one of the cities in Sweden I really enjoy during summer. The streets and building are unique in that sense that everything is clean and well ordered. People in Stockholm and Sweden in general is very polite and good at English. The service is great and people really light up when you speak proper english with them.

Even though prices are a little steep for a student budget there are ways to get around. For an example living in hostels etc. But wait, there is more. Sweden has a law that says that you can walk freely in the forest and nature even if it’s private. That makes it possible to truly enjoy nature as intended. And there is no idea to spend too much on luxury living like having a real bed to sleep in (punt intended).

But to be a little bit serious, if there is one place close by to England, it’s Sweden you should visit if you haven’t been there before. Quality and standard is above England and there is so much to see and do that you would need a year or two to discover it all.