More TV show addiction

Posted by admin on February 11, 2016

I can gladly say that the exams went well during my last TV show addictions period. Seems I have been hit now by another period of addiction though. Its the Narcos series on Netflix that has caught all my attention now. I only have one episode left at the moment, it´s been a marathon watching session going on at my place last two days.

The value of real storys

One thing that ads so much to this series is the real factor. How it has happened, how Pablo Escobar is a real person that actually have done these things. I think about it so many times during each episode and yes that does make everything so much more amazing. What a person he was, what a mad man, but he sure was good on what he was doing.

Its always hard to know what to feel when someone is so cruel but you still get impressed about how determined and focused they are about getting things done. I cant help it but im honestly wanting Pablo Escobar to win in this TV series. Of course I know he will not in the end but yes its sort of him I cheer for even though his doing all these bad things.

So for anyone that want something intense and crazy and a bit of history at the same time. Then I cant think of another Show that would be better then Narcos. Its totally amazing so give it a try. You will know after one episode if you love it or not, its rock n roll straight away when it starts and you will know already then if you like it.

Here is a link to the Narcos trailer for anyone that wanna see a teaser.

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