Eating Healthy and getting a good night sleep

Posted by admin on February 01, 2015
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Noodles are great. But!

Noodles are great. But!

Noodles are great. They are tasty, really fast food and above all, they are cheap. As an student we all need to prioritize.

But sometimes the student parties and nightlife is getting in a way of giving us the most of our student time. Even though I’m a huge fan of getting the most of my student life, I think that there is times when we all need a good night sleep and eating more healthy. Science has proved that sleep is the best way to stay productive and better our memory. Eating healthy is also an example of getting better results no matter if we are talking about work, studies or sports. These are things that makes our bodies and minds be more optimal. It all drains down to two factors that we students needs to take into account.

1. The time factor
2. Budget

Some students are lucky. Coming from a wealthy family, but most of use are not. We need to twist and turn every penny that we get our hands on. But come friday night and our budget mindset is gone with the wind. Time on the other hand something that is equal amongst everyone. There is 365 days in a year (mostly) and there is 24 hours in a day. For me it’s about managing time as well as resources. Both mentality and in terms of money. I wrote a previous post about habits. It could be useful to look at that post to see if there anything in life to get better at.

Interesting movies

Posted by admin on January 04, 2015
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A common feature in movies

A common feature in movies

This is my list of the top 5 movies that I have ever seen. It’s pretty hard to make a list like this since almost always there is going to be that 6th movie that you want to squeeze in on the list as well. After a lot of thinking however this is my list.

  1. Dead Poets Society
  2. The Shawshank redemption
  3. Inception
  4. Titanic
  5. Facebook

The number one spot goes to Dead Poets Society. Maybe I am a bit emotional right now when im making this choice. What I’m referring to is the death of Robin Williams. It’s no matter what a great movie and I found it very inspiring the first time that I saw it. I think it has made many people read their first book because he somehow made it charming and exciting to read and write in that movie.

The movie has a great balance between darkness and happiness and I think that’s something Robin Williams is a expert at delivering. It’s the same as he did in the movie Will Hunting for example where there was so much happy moments and also sad moments.

The second place movie on my list is The Shawshank redemption. This movie is really about having hope and staying strong. I have probably seen this movie almost 10 times but its still so beautiful so even though I know how it will end it’s a great movie. It has a big twist in the end which I don’t want to spoil for anyone that has not seen the movie.

The reason that I put Inception on the third place is because it really is a mind blowing movie. It makes your head spin when you watch it and you have to be a bit sharp when you watch it. If you look away and miss bits and parts it will just get very confusing in the end.  However with Leonardo Di Caprio in the lead roll you will not lose focus when you watch this movie. Its always very amazing and drags you deeper and deeper into the story.


The best sport for students

Posted by admin on December 11, 2014
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I had a discussion with some friends recently about what the best sport is for students. The opinions were all very different so we did not come to any conclusion but it was still a very interesting discussion.

There are many factors to way in when trying to pic the optimal sport for students. One big factor is money. In most cases students have a tight budget during their years at University. This is not the case for everybody but definitely for most people. Therefore I think this should be a big factor. A sport like hockey is therefore not very optimal if you are a poor student since the hockey gear is very expensive.

There are however many examples of sports that are cheap so there is no reason for us to feel sad. A sport like swimming for example does not require much equipment at all. The biggest fee would probably be the membership at the Swimming place.

Badminton is another type of sport which is easy to get going with. Much easier then Tennis for example since almost everybody can get the badminton ball over the net right from the start. It’s also not that expensive. All you need is a racket and some decent shoes to play. It trains mostly your cardio but of course some muscles will get fit as well. Especially the arm you hit with and your legs should get in good shape quickly.

Running is another example of something that we are good at here in UK and also it’s not expensive. Once again you will need some good shoes but then it’s not that much more after that. Maybe a gym membership also if you want to build some muscles as well while you train your speed.


Traveling on a student budget

Posted by admin on November 12, 2014
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20140809_183728If you’re like me. A student with a tight student budget, travelling might seem like a dream. But I have a strong belief that it’s important to get around in the world a little.

Especially if you’re in your twenties something. Before you know it you have kids, a mortgage and a work (hopefully) to go to. And then it will much more difficult and (more expensive) to travel around the globe.

Also during the student period, it’s a time to meet new people, experience other cultures and see what the world has to offer. Partying is much more fun when you have the stamina to do it and e.g. hiking, windsurfing, trekking etc requires some health requirements that you might not have in 10 or 20 years. Carpe diem!

But how do you go about to travel around with a small budget you might ask? Well. There is a couple of things that you can do.

1) Research. Do a lot of research before you go. Airplane tickets, Hostels, where to eat, etc. If you do your research before going out in the world. There is much better chances that you can hold on to your budget and keep your expenses down. But down let the research part let you down. Think of it like a part of travel.

2) Use online services. There are plenty of online services that let you compare prices and even let you sleep on some other persons sofa in an another city. So there is so much things that can keep your student budget. If you don’t belive me. Google it!

3) Travel with friend/friends. Well it’s like sharing an apartment with someone. But you’re doing it abroad. You can share cost for food and living when traveling when you stick together with someone. And that’s a much safer thing to do then travel alone. This tip for “traveling on a student budget” should be number one, when I think about it.

4) Change your currency before leaving. Before you travel to your destination(s), it would be better to change the currency beforehand. So that you would need to pay extra currency fees and/or trade your hard earned money for less value then it would be at home.


Why students should write a blog

Posted by admin on October 09, 2014
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I get a lot of questions about blogging. Especially about what to blog about. “My life is so uninteresting, why should anyone care about my blog”? But I think that the blog is more interesting for you as a student then to get a lot of followers to your blog.

There are so many benefits with blogging that I think I would share some of those with you. And perhaps you will get ideas on what to blog about.

1) Do it to become better with writing and reading. I am the first in line to say that my english isn’t top notch. But I know, that the more I read and write. I will become much better at it. So that’s a huge benefit as a student. That you can improve yourself on something that is so important do you degree and also to future work. In fact, I don’t know is I would have gone to the University that I’m in, if I haven’t written this blog. And That take me to reason number two.

2) Reflection about your studies and your life. It is much easier to get a birds view perspective on your life if you write a blog. If there is something that bothers you, do you have goals that you need motivation to? Well a blog is a great way to let out some steam and enables you to come back, days, month or even years later to read about and to laugh, cry and reflect over. It so good that I can honestly say that if I haven’t blogged I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion to study at the University. Experience all that life has to give to me and hopefully get a proper job at the end.

3) Get new friends and share experience. When you’re blogging you will notice that other people might be interested in what you’re writing about. Maybe they are in the same situation that you are in and that they have the same interests that you have. And maybe you will get comments that they like what you’re writing about, they will link to you from their blog, sharing readers from their blog. I know many friends that gotten friends from blogging and even met them IRL (In Real Life), and I met a few myself writing this blog. Internet is a such wonderful place.

4) Creating job opportunities. If you’re really love what you’re writing about, no matter it’s about animals, cooking, IT, playing online casino games, traveling or whatnot. There is always an opportunity that your blog will become a source for other person with the same interest. It might end up that you will become an authority in your field and people are looking to you for your expertize in the area of interest. This might end up in a job opportunity for you that an company is noticing you and is reaching out for you to start working to them. There are examples has gotten job requests solely because of their blog that they are writing on. And if you want to hire me, just hit me with an e-mail

Visit the casino

Posted by admin on September 19, 2014
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Playing slots is like eating candy

Playing slots is like eating candy

Another great thing to get some pulse and Entertainment in your life is to do some good old classic gambling. Just make sure you don’t play for more than you can afford to lose when you do this and you should be okay. Hopefully you can even walk away with a small or why not a big win.

We have a lot of casino´s here in the UK and while playing at them you should be able to find some excitement and relaxation. Besides the land based casinos here are also many places online when you can play as well. Some sites will gather information about many different casino´s and you can then just compare then easily while you navigate around on a site like that. One example of a page like that is this free spins page. Players can look a different bonus offers and then pick what they think sound like the most fun. This option lets you play directly from your home which I think can be very nice considering the wheatear is not always the best here in London.

Walking out the door and getting to a place that offers some fun casino games is not so exciting when it’s snowing or raining or maybe even both. However it remains to be said that you will probably get a different and more fun experience when you are in the real casino. Just the atmosphere and people are very nice to be around. Of course it can be some days when the people are not nice and the atmosphere is not the best but it’s still something that usually has a good vibe.

The slot machines are a great way to play and feel assured that you won’t lose too fast. They usually have a high payout percentage so you can usually stand there and grind them for many hours even if you are not putting in that much money. Just try to pick a machine that has a decent jackpot bonus so there is always a chance of having a life changing win. That makes it much more exciting.

Video/Computer Games

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Video games for students

Video games for students

A great form of Entertainment for us students is in my opinion video and computer games. This is because it’s something that keeps us away from spending money. We can just buy a game for £30 and then hopefully enjoy it for 6 months or so.

You will not spend any money while you play it and of course when you are at home playing a game it’s hard to spend money in General.

If we compare it to hanging out downtown with some friends then usually your cash will start to flow away in all kinds of directions. You decide to take a coffee and then maybe you get some snacks with that. You go to the cinema and might end up buying even more snacks and things.

The downside however with computer games as your entertainment is that you can get a bit lonely. Its not good if you sit at home every weekend alone and just play. This will of course affect your social skills in the end.

A great way to get around this problem is to play the games with your friends. This will make it more social and hopefully more fun as well. When I say play with your friends I mean that you should play in the same room. Not just online in the same game in different locations.

When you play in the same room on the couch for example you can argue about some school problems at the same time as you play and hopefully find some good inspiring things to talk about. Sometimes the best solutions to problems pop up in the head when we are actually not trying to solve them and I think entertainment like video games are a perfect way to bring those ideas out.


Can hockey get big in UK?

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Maybe everybody doesn’t know it, but there is actually professional hockey players in England. They are of course not earning the big money as people do in NHL, KHL or even the Swedish League but its enough to be a full time job.

The UK hockey league is considered to be pretty tuff and wild. Especially the second division is very rough and border line brutal sometimes. Good entertainment value but of course It might not be the best place for players to develop into better scorers. If I would imagine any UK players making it to NHL one day I think it would be a brawler and not a scorer. It would still be very interesting of course and if it happens one day I’m not going to be said just because it’s not a person that’s headlining each game.

Some players actually come from the Scandinavian countries to play here in the UK league. Its usually players that can’t make it into for example the Swedish top league or maybe the Norwegian top league. They then prefer going abroad and playing since money is fairly equal and they get another type of experience. These players are usually not still dreaming or having a chance to make it to the really big leagues but they still add class and charm to our UK hockey league.

In all honesty I don’t think we ever will have a very strong league here in the UK. It’s so many other European Countries that are ahead of us by so much so it would be really hard. There are also so many other sports that are more popular in the UK so the big talents will usually always pic a sport where the fame and money is greater, like soccer for example.

Why visit Sweden

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Sweden and Scandinavia is a magical place. I have spend several weeks here both in summer and during winter. And i must say that if there is one place close to England to visit, it must be Sweden.

Just 2 hours flight from Heathrow to Stockholm. Beautiful people and nature that takes your breath away.

From the people that gave you IKEA, ABBA, Swedish meatballs and Survivor, Sweden has become the favorite place to visit to enjoy relaxing nature and city nightlife.

Stockholm is one of the cities in Sweden I really enjoy during summer. The streets and building are unique in that sense that everything is clean and well ordered. People in Stockholm and Sweden in general is very polite and good at English. The service is great and people really light up when you speak proper english with them.

Even though prices are a little steep for a student budget there are ways to get around. For an example living in hostels etc. But wait, there is more. Sweden has a law that says that you can walk freely in the forest and nature even if it’s private. That makes it possible to truly enjoy nature as intended. And there is no idea to spend too much on luxury living like having a real bed to sleep in (punt intended).

But to be a little bit serious, if there is one place close by to England, it’s Sweden you should visit if you haven’t been there before. Quality and standard is above England and there is so much to see and do that you would need a year or two to discover it all.

How to get more done as a student

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Coffee is good for producutivty

If you’re a student like me. There is probably things on your to-do-list that you have un-checked there since the last civil war. But tomorrow you will get the things done. Or maybe the day tomorrow after that?

As a student there is so many things that is keeping your focus somewhere else. But there are some tips that I can share with you to get things done as a student. The foremost best tips that I can give you is to adopt productive habits. When you have habits then the productive part comes easy. Well almost.

To get good habits you must understand yourself. Think about how you learned how to brush your thooths. That was probably not that easy in the beginning. But the more you did it, the easier it became. Now you’re doing it almost in your sleep. Same principle is applied here. But let me tell you what you need to do.

1. Choose a habit (e.g. exercising)
2. Choose a small reward (e.g. watch TV before bed)
3. Choose a que (e.g.have your sneakers visible)

So now you know that if you see your sneakers e.g. when you go out of bed, it’s time for you to go out running in the morning. And you know that if you do that, you will get 30 minutes extra TV-time in the evening. So lets go out and run. After doing this perhaps 10-20 times you will get an habit that sticks. Now you won’t need the reward as much and you will instead enjoy running and having you new found habit that will make you a better person hopefully.

This is something that you can try out on one or two new habits that you would like to adopt. E.g. for studying etc. But don’t do too many habits at once. Your brain has a limit of willpower. And habits are there to minimize the power you need to create an productive habit. But hopefully you can aggregate the things that you see as positive in your life and you will become a much better person in doing so.

I myself has just started with this and started running in the morning. Something that I have had big problems with. But that I know really enjoy doing in the morning. Also my studies have been positively improved by this. It a multi-habit with many benifits.