How to get more done as a student

Posted by admin on September 09, 2014
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Coffee is good for producutivty

If you’re a student like me. There is probably things on your to-do-list that you have un-checked there since the last civil war. But tomorrow you will get the things done. Or maybe the day tomorrow after that?

As a student there is so many things that is keeping your focus somewhere else. But there are some tips that I can share with you to get things done as a student. The foremost best tips that I can give you is to adopt productive habits. When you have habits then the productive part comes easy. Well almost.

To get good habits you must understand yourself. Think about how you learned how to brush your thooths. That was probably not that easy in the beginning. But the more you did it, the easier it became. Now you’re doing it almost in your sleep. Same principle is applied here. But let me tell you what you need to do.

1. Choose a habit (e.g. exercising)
2. Choose a small reward (e.g. watch TV before bed)
3. Choose a que (e.g.have your sneakers visible)

So now you know that if you see your sneakers e.g. when you go out of bed, it’s time for you to go out running in the morning. And you know that if you do that, you will get 30 minutes extra TV-time in the evening. So lets go out and run. After doing this perhaps 10-20 times you will get an habit that sticks. Now you won’t need the reward as much and you will instead enjoy running and having you new found habit that will make you a better person hopefully.

This is something that you can try out on one or two new habits that you would like to adopt. E.g. for studying etc. But don’t do too many habits at once. Your brain has a limit of willpower. And habits are there to minimize the power you need to create an productive habit. But hopefully you can aggregate the things that you see as positive in your life and you will become a much better person in doing so.

I myself has just started with this and started running in the morning. Something that I have had big problems with. But that I know really enjoy doing in the morning. Also my studies have been positively improved by this. It a multi-habit with many benifits.