Can hockey get big in UK?

Posted by admin on September 09, 2014

Maybe everybody doesn’t know it, but there is actually professional hockey players in England. They are of course not earning the big money as people do in NHL, KHL or even the Swedish League but its enough to be a full time job.

The UK hockey league is considered to be pretty tuff and wild. Especially the second division is very rough and border line brutal sometimes. Good entertainment value but of course It might not be the best place for players to develop into better scorers. If I would imagine any UK players making it to NHL one day I think it would be a brawler and not a scorer. It would still be very interesting of course and if it happens one day I’m not going to be said just because it’s not a person that’s headlining each game.

Some players actually come from the Scandinavian countries to play here in the UK league. Its usually players that can’t make it into for example the Swedish top league or maybe the Norwegian top league. They then prefer going abroad and playing since money is fairly equal and they get another type of experience. These players are usually not still dreaming or having a chance to make it to the really big leagues but they still add class and charm to our UK hockey league.

In all honesty I don’t think we ever will have a very strong league here in the UK. It’s so many other European Countries that are ahead of us by so much so it would be really hard. There are also so many other sports that are more popular in the UK so the big talents will usually always pic a sport where the fame and money is greater, like soccer for example.

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