The best sport for students

Posted by admin on December 11, 2014

I had a discussion with some friends recently about what the best sport is for students. The opinions were all very different so we did not come to any conclusion but it was still a very interesting discussion.

There are many factors to way in when trying to pic the optimal sport for students. One big factor is money. In most cases students have a tight budget during their years at University. This is not the case for everybody but definitely for most people. Therefore I think this should be a big factor. A sport like hockey is therefore not very optimal if you are a poor student since the hockey gear is very expensive.

There are however many examples of sports that are cheap so there is no reason for us to feel sad. A sport like swimming for example does not require much equipment at all. The biggest fee would probably be the membership at the Swimming place.

Badminton is another type of sport which is easy to get going with. Much easier then Tennis for example since almost everybody can get the badminton ball over the net right from the start. It’s also not that expensive. All you need is a racket and some decent shoes to play. It trains mostly your cardio but of course some muscles will get fit as well. Especially the arm you hit with and your legs should get in good shape quickly.

Running is another example of something that we are good at here in UK and also it’s not expensive. Once again you will need some good shoes but then it’s not that much more after that. Maybe a gym membership also if you want to build some muscles as well while you train your speed.


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