Why students should write a blog

Posted by admin on October 09, 2014
Student Tips

I get a lot of questions about blogging. Especially about what to blog about. “My life is so uninteresting, why should anyone care about my blog”? But I think that the blog is more interesting for you as a student then to get a lot of followers to your blog.

There are so many benefits with blogging that I think I would share some of those with you. And perhaps you will get ideas on what to blog about.

1) Do it to become better with writing and reading. I am the first in line to say that my english isn’t top notch. But I know, that the more I read and write. I will become much better at it. So that’s a huge benefit as a student. That you can improve yourself on something that is so important do you degree and also to future work. In fact, I don’t know is I would have gone to the University that I’m in, if I haven’t written this blog. And That take me to reason number two.

2) Reflection about your studies and your life. It is much easier to get a birds view perspective on your life if you write a blog. If there is something that bothers you, do you have goals that you need motivation to? Well a blog is a great way to let out some steam and enables you to come back, days, month or even years later to read about and to laugh, cry and reflect over. It so good that I can honestly say that if I haven’t blogged I wouldn’t have come to the conclusion to study at the University. Experience all that life has to give to me and hopefully get a proper job at the end.

3) Get new friends and share experience. When you’re blogging you will notice that other people might be interested in what you’re writing about. Maybe they are in the same situation that you are in and that they have the same interests that you have. And maybe you will get comments that they like what you’re writing about, they will link to you from their blog, sharing readers from their blog. I know many friends that gotten friends from blogging and even met them IRL (In Real Life), and I met a few myself writing this blog. Internet is a such wonderful place.

4) Creating job opportunities. If you’re really love what you’re writing about, no matter it’s about animals, cooking, IT, playing online casino games, traveling or whatnot. There is always an opportunity that your blog will become a source for other person with the same interest. It might end up that you will become an authority in your field and people are looking to you for your expertize in the area of interest. This might end up in a job opportunity for you that an company is noticing you and is reaching out for you to start working to them. There are examples has gotten job requests solely because of their blog that they are writing on. And if you want to hire me, just hit me with an e-mail

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